Dental Resources

One of the keys to successful dental treatment and a fruitful dentist-patient relationship is knowledge. It is imperative that the patient have a thorough understanding of the treatment being delivered, its risks and rewards. There are many sources of dental information available today, with the Internet being the most frequently used source.

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation on the Internet. And all too often the media will highlight some hot trend or gimmick and attempt to pass it off as scientifically valid. Below are links to several webpages with good information. I would also suggest visiting either of the first two links on the left as good starting points.

Dr. Gordon Christensen is one of the world's premier dental educators. In 2003 he wrote an article in DentalTown Magazine. His words ring so true.. He questions the overt advertising by manufacturers touting unsupported claims. He condemns the over treatment in dentistry: "This problem of over treatment is not limited to aesthetic dentistry. It is spread throughout the profession." And: "over treatment in the name of esthetic dentistry without total informed consent of patients, primarily for dentist financial gain, is nothing less than overt dishonesty in its worst form." It is my personal and professional opinion that "Let's replace all these amalgam restorations with white fillings" is not in the patient's best interest.